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Monster Movies

Them! (1954)

Starring: James Whitmore James Arness Edmund Gwenn Joan Weldon James Whitmore and James Arness have their hands full when atomic testing in New Mexico mutates local ants into gigantic, marauding killers that threaten humankind. Police Sgt. Ben Petersen (James Whitmore) and his partner find a young girl in shock wandering in the desert and while trying to solve the mystery of what ...

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Empire of the Ants (1977)

Starring: Joan Collins WARNING: Contains spoilers! In a nutshell, a sleazy land developer invites a group of prospective buyers on a tour of Dreamland Shores, the new community being built. Little do these people know that some previously dumped toxic waste has mutated common ants into murderous monsters. The members of the group are slowly picked off by the ants, ...

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